Finally a Recipe! A Smoking recipe

This posts will not be like other posts.  In fact this post has nothing to do with a recipe, but some straight fundamentals when it comes to smoking meat.  There’s some basic fundamentals when it comes to smoking.  Sure everyone will have there twists they think give them an edge when cooking, but the fundamentals are still the same.

Rule #1 when it comes to smoking a good piece of meat…….You must pick a good piece of meat for your butcher.  This takes practice and it helps of you know a good butcher to help you select your choice of meat.

Rule #2 Keeping your tempature constant when smoking.  Now what you temp you choose it up to you, but to keep it constant is the key.  Because the fluctuation of the temp will make the meat tougher and will be harder to get the desired internal temp of meat.

Rule #3.  Reaching your internal temp and knowing when to stop.  All different meats have an internal temp to let you know when they’re done.  Pork, Beef, chicken etc…..know your temp

Rule #4 .  It takes time to figure out the smoking part.  Takes work and patience.

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