Don’t forget about the Steaks!

Although Kansas City is known for the World Famous BBQ. Don’t forget about the steaks of this great midwest area. Before the mass  floodings Kansas City there was a point of entry into the West. This is a starting point where a long Journeys would take place to seek there Fame and Fortune of the West. Because of that we needed to fulfill a bill to help these people going out to the area. Hence one of the by products of this was the world famous beef hub with some of the best pieces of meat the US would see in the same place. We had them all over the country that came into the Hub of Kansas City to go from point A to point B. We had every train traveling to the West was stopped here before the move going forward. With that it brought a  diverse group of people that brought prosperity and problems but what the hell does that have to do about Steaks. Some of the are  places was the Golden Ox,801 Chophouse….I mean hell they’re really have to say any more.  They left one of the most famous steaks name that KC strip…..SO without further a do don’t forget about the steaks they’re fun places to go and you  won’t be disappointed with the Midwest beef.