Your BBQ Experience in Kansas City

est ever recipes we’re going to start from a place near and dear to my heart the oh Kansas City Barbecue. Kansas City has received notoriety from their World Famous BBQ. Their Roots were laid with the Stockyards of Kansas City where they had the highest quality beef come through the city. There is no shortage of history and who’s to claim who holds the best barbecue in Kansas City area. With so many to choose from and more than enough people willing to take their shot to become known as one of the best BBQ joints in Kansas City a person to lose their mind going through all the barbecue joints. Some of the Staples attorneys in the Kansas City area will be Arthur Bryant’s, Gates BBQ, a newcomer which most people say is the best q39, Oklahoma Joe’s which got its roots in the beginning of the gas station. All these barbecue joints and some haven’t mentioned all has an argument of what they could be known as the best barbecue joint in the city. From the way they smoke it two the sauce is a use can determine your favorite place. Because of the various taste buds in every human no one place can be called the best barbecue joint in the Kansas City in my opinion some people like more vinegar in their sauce some people like more smoke less Smoky flavor but I will say this about the Kansas City barbecue scene you never have a bad experience with BBQ in the KC area. So if you’re new in town the top three places to check will be one Arthur Bryant’s we’re past presidents and big honchos have eaten. Where are your walk in during lunch and see $500 ties being dipped in their sauce by accident. Gates has been a staple in the Kansas City area. Gates BBQ husband get his reputation since the beginning other time and it’s one of the few places that everybody knows when they come to Kansas City. In fact because of the Easy locations of the gates BBQ it is probably one of the first places I would go next to Oklahoma Joe’s flip a coin or two because it really doesn’t matter you going to have a great experience with them all. In fact if you really want to try all three and you’re in town for day do lunch dinner and then lunch again the following day funny ways to go. So please enjoy your time in Kansas City and before you leave make sure you hit one of the barbecue joints thank you


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